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The project doesn’t necessarily represent the National Cultural Fund Administration’s (AFCN) position. AFCN is not responsible of the project’s content or of the way the project’s results can be handled. These are entirely the fund recipient’s responsibility.

Project implemented with the support of the Timișoara City Hall and the Local Council Timișoara.

„2,14 Types of Architecture Schools” book launch

The collective essay volume „2,14 Types of Architecture Schools” tries to operate a radiography – heterogenous, uneven, present – of the architectural education field, at a global and especially local level. It tries to open the subject towards the public and put things into context, offer a number of support points and guidance to those concerned about the matter – which are a lot more than it would seem at a first glance.

The Romanian civic society has been rapidly consolidating lately and has already marked the issues of built environment quality and heritage situation on its agenda: educational environments should quickly build their capacity to offer answers and future directions. We are trying to contribute to this future through „2,14 Types of Architecture Schools”.

The publication includes two unequal, yet complementary parts. The first involves several long essays, which systematically and thoroughly seek to illustrate the implications of architectural education from its history to the present, contextualizing ideas, framing periods and characteristics or elegantly questioning the current state of affairs. The second part contains a series of short essays and can be seen as a sketch outline or an idea competition on the future of the architectural education in Romania.

Authors: Irina Băncescu, Raluca Becheru, Alexandru Belenyi, Tiberiu Bucşa, Laura Cristea, Cristina Constantin & Cosmin Pavel, Hanna Derer, Tudor Elian, Ştefan Ghenciulescu, Ana Maria Goilav, Oana Grămadă & Cezara Lorenţ, Irina Gudană & Raluca Sabău, Petre Guran, Liviu Ianăşi, Magda Juravlea & Andreea Nicuţ, Kázmér Kovács, Dan Marin, Marian Moiceanu, Paul Moldovan, Irina Nastasă Matei, Ionuţ Nedelcu, Maria Daria Oancea & George Marinescu, Oana Simionescu, Andrei Florin Sora, Florian Stanciu, Ina Stoian, Şerban Sturdza, Andrei Şerbescu, Dorin Ştefan, Şerban Ţigănaş, Dana Vais, Ana Maria Vesa Dobre
Introduction translation and conclusions: Cosmina Stănășel
Illustrations: Lucian Sandu-Milea
Graphics: Radu Matei Manelici
Volume co-financed by: OAR and AFCN
Location Architecture and Urbanism Faculty